Joël Kai Lenz


I strongly believe that every writer, blogger, journalist, or reporter should disclaim what their beliefs and ambitions are. To lead by example, I want to do the same and give you as much information as possible. 

Opinions and Sources

All views and opinions stated on this blog are mine and are to be treated as such. They’re not looked at as financial advice. Any opinions from content provided through interviews, shares, or external guests are their own. 

It doesn’t matter if I publish a review or analyze the current market, I always aim to add a link, notes, and my sources to the article. If links were removed or sources are missing, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

Funding and Holdings

As of March 2022, I’m self-funded and intend to stay this way for the foreseeable future. Readers will have the option to donate to my work, obviously by sending some Sats, but they shouldn’t feel pressured to pay for the content. There might be a premium newsletter on the horizon. However, you would be the first to read about this. 

In terms of payment, I intend to pay for every trip I take or service I need to do my work. This is how I can be most relatable and give my honest opinion, by paying out of my own pocket. Most of the work I do is either paid in Fiat, BTC, or USDC. At times I get paid in a stablecoin.

The only decentralized currency I hold is BTC. For projects where I get paid in their own tokens, I’ll exchange them into stablecoins. If I were to be given tokens for free, I would disclose them in the article or review and always change them to either stablecoins or BTC. 

Political Views

I don’t believe in the ‘Left or Right’ narrative. As this isn’t objective. It’s heavily depended on where in the world you are. For example, my views on healthcare might be looked at as extreme in the US, but normal in Europe.

Generally speaking, I try to be as moderate as I can. Meaning I always try to listen to both sides of the aisle and be as open as possible. There might be times when I agree with a more conservative view and other times when I agree with a more liberal view. I try to look at politics from a present standpoint and decided what’s best for me at that given moment.

I oppose a government-heavy society, where no individuality has room. However, on the other end, I think certain rules have to apply. I don’t oppose constitutions or laws, but I look at them as incentives and not as the holy grail. We need a framework to operate in. Otherwise, you would find yourself in total anarchy. 

In economical terms, I’m a strong believer in an open market and think the government should be there to aid that market, not hinder it. Everyone should have the ability to look after themselves and make their own decisions. Whether they’re up to this task, is a totally different question.